The Impact of Web Design on Branding And SEO

web-designIf you thought that web design is something entirely isolated from your other marketing efforts you would be wrong.

Unfortunately, many companies still believe that being the case. If you were to separate web design from your other marketing efforts it could well have a negative impact on your business!

What’s important to understand is that  from SEO and traffic to branding, web design encompasses and influences everything.

J. Putnam, a respectable web designer just recently blogged about the importance of a good website, layout and structure. Even while many  understand that web design is important not all actually know why this is so. The blogger found himself challenged when asked by a client why it is so important. Ironically, he couldn’t come up with a definite answer.

Then again, Putnam is a smart man and he did the one thing everyone who is smart would be doing when they’re seeking for an answer: He did some research. Afterwards he was able to  provide his clients with answers to this important questions.

So why does web design matter? What effect does web design have on the other aspects of your business?

I recommend that you see the article at if you’re looking for an answer to those questions.

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