On Fire Safety And Your Business

For business owners there are strict fire safety regulations in almost any country, the United Kingdom is no exception here. In fact, the UK has some of the strictest fire safety regulations compared to some other nations.

fire-protectionWhile this means that you as a business owner will have to follow those regulations to the dot to be legally able to operate a business, there are fortunately many options today to increase the fire safety inside business premises.

Let me start with a rather common example were fire safety should be of utmost priority: That would be venues such as hotels or restaurants that operate a commercial kitchen. As I can imagine, a commercial kitchen has a particular high risk of fires.

One fire protection system that is widely in use in commercial kitchen today is the Ansul kitchen suppression system. This fire suppression system is highly effective in quickly extinguishing fires in such high risk environments.

In addition to such more specialised fire suppression systems you can also find a wide range of conventional fire alarm systems available today. Not always would putting in a sophisticated fire alarm system require major work within your premises. Modern fire alarms work wirelessly which means that they can easily be added to any type of commercial structure. A wireless fire alarm or radio fire alarm can be a good option if you are looking to increase the fire safety for your business.

Don’t make an error in judgement to underestimate the risk for fires. There are often hidden hazards such as warehouses that can be at a high risk for a lithium battery fire, just to give one example.

If you happen to live in or near Devon I recommend that you check out fire alarms Devon to learn more about modern fire protection suppression systems such as the Ansul fire suppression system. There you can also learn what radio fire alarm can be suitable for your business.