What Is Video Flame Detection?

fire-protection-5In recent years, new and advanced fire detection technologies have emerged that are surpassing older fire detection methods in terms of effectiveness and reliability.

Increasingly popular in the commercial and residential sector is video flame detection.

What is video flame detection?

Video flame detection systems are using flame cameras to detect fires and smoke. These systems are monitoring a video feed in real time and by using state-of-the-art video and image analysis can detect fires in real time.

Compared to smoke detectors, video flame detection has several big advantages. One of them is that these systems can work from a distance. Modern flame cameras can spot smoke and fire from hundreds of meters away. Due to how they work, by analysing video, video detection systems can also monitor a much wider area for fires and smoke.

Almost all modern video flame detection systems are equipped with the functionality to automatically notify the fire brigade when they spot a fire. They can then transmit the exact GPS coordinates of the fire, leading responders to its exact location. This saves valuable time and can help keeping damage from fires at a minimum.

Modern CCTV cameras are now also increasingly being used on residential properties. By installing these systems, home owners can significantly increase the fire safety of their homes.

The Advantages of Electronic Invoicing

If you are a business owner, there is a chance that you already heard of electronic invoicing. Seeing how the switch to electronic invoicing can save a business considerable time and money, the increasing popularity of electronic invoicing is certainly understandable. Let me give you a short overview on electronic invoicing and why you should consider it if not already done so.

electronic_invoiceThe first thing you need to know about electronic invoicing is that switching your business over to this type of invoicing is very easy,  straightforward and most importantly very affordable.

The difference as compared to your normal invoicing process is that you will send your invoices to a third-party electronic invoice provider over the Internet, rather than mailing your invoices to your recipient by postal mail.

This electronic invoice service provider will convert your invoice (which is usually in Adobe PDF format) into an electronic format and subsequently dispatch the electronic invoice. The entire process from creating your invoice, sending it to the electronic invoice service provider and the provider sending it your recipient will only take a few minutes.

The advantages of electronic invoicing should be obvious:

Instant sending and receiving of your invoices without the delays that would usually occur when you send them by mail.

One other, not insignificant advantage is that all your invoicing data is available in digital format from the instant and invoice is created. There is no data on paper that needs to be transferred manually. This can mean a significant reduction of possible errors. Likewise, it makes the management of your invoices a lot easier.

Simply spoken, with electronic invoicing your business will be able to save time and money.

A Tip If You Want To Mail Your Creations Effectivley

export-tipsMaybe you are a designer who happens to sell creations online. You may have a website with an integrated store or maybe you sell your designs via eBay.

If that’s the case you may certainly know about the various challenges and difficulties that need to be overcome if you want to sell and mail your merchandise.

Unexpected things such as increased demand in certain seasons and peak-times can quickly cause severe headaches.

If you cannot satisfy your clients demands quickly and effectively you’re always losing the risk them.

This is where I want to suggest that you use export software since it can be an invaluable help if you happen to ship your goods domestically or internationally. In fact, if you happen to do business with clients of road, export software is even more helpful.

This type of software does not only make it easier for you to always know about your current stock. It can alert you if you’re about to run out merchandise so you never risk being unable to fulfill orders.

Export software can also help you saving costs that you can always let you know about the most cost-effective shipping methods no matter where you mail your goods. This is especially helpful knowing that international shipping rates are not always straightforward and can often change on a whim. With export software you don’t have to worry any longer about those things.

The Impact of Web Design on Branding And SEO

web-designIf you thought that web design is something entirely isolated from your other marketing efforts you would be wrong.

Unfortunately, many companies still believe that being the case. If you were to separate web design from your other marketing efforts it could well have a negative impact on your business!

What’s important to understand is that  from SEO and traffic to branding, web design encompasses and influences everything.

J. Putnam, a respectable web designer just recently blogged about the importance of a good website, layout and structure. Even while many  understand that web design is important not all actually know why this is so. The blogger found himself challenged when asked by a client why it is so important. Ironically, he couldn’t come up with a definite answer.

Then again, Putnam is a smart man and he did the one thing everyone who is smart would be doing when they’re seeking for an answer: He did some research. Afterwards he was able to  provide his clients with answers to this important questions.

So why does web design matter? What effect does web design have on the other aspects of your business?

I recommend that you see the article at http://www.forbes.com/sites/drewhendricks/2015/02/11/understanding-the-full-impact-of-web-design-on-seo-branding-and-more/ if you’re looking for an answer to those questions.

The above news bit from the world of web design and SEO was brought to you by Kingshottschool, one of the trusted private schools in Hertfordshire. With a focus on arts & design, the Kingshottschool should be your first choice when it comes to your children’s education.


Apprenticeships in Webdesign and Computer Tech

Getting a good job in web design in the United Kingdom sure is not exactly easy. As so many careers in computers and technology, the web design job market is very competitive and often only the best of the best will have a chance to get hired.

it-apprenticeshipsThen again, I see it for myself that many graduates make mistakes when they’re starting with their search for a job.

Many of them are actually not even aware that what they’re doing is not effective and can even hinder them to get a good job in web design or other rewarding career fields.

Today there is almost no industry in the UK where apprenticeships would not help you to open up a great career!

It is a simple fact: Many employers today will simply ignore those applicants who don’t already have finished projects and experience on their CV. Many don’t care about your grades and very often even prefer those applicants with experience over those with fantastic grades.

This is why I am saying that you should really look into IT apprenticeships. Once you have an apprenticeship on your CV, employers might literally beg you to start with them. Nothing shows more dedication than an IT apprenticeship, take my word!

But the same advice I can also give for other career fields, not only web design and IT. In the UK, retail apprenticeships can also be your number one option when you look to get a career started in this field.

Conclusion: Don’t make the mistake so many graduates do and start looking for a full-time job with an empty CV. Rather than spending many months looking for a job, use this time wisely and take on an apprenticeship. You can learn all about it at apprenticeships in Manchester where you will be able to find apprenticeship openings in Manchester and all other locations in the United Kingdom.

On Fire Safety And Your Business

For business owners there are strict fire safety regulations in almost any country, the United Kingdom is no exception here. In fact, the UK has some of the strictest fire safety regulations compared to some other nations.

fire-protectionWhile this means that you as a business owner will have to follow those regulations to the dot to be legally able to operate a business, there are fortunately many options today to increase the fire safety inside business premises.

Let me start with a rather common example were fire safety should be of utmost priority: That would be venues such as hotels or restaurants that operate a commercial kitchen. As I can imagine, a commercial kitchen has a particular high risk of fires.

One fire protection system that is widely in use in commercial kitchen today is the Ansul kitchen suppression system. This fire suppression system is highly effective in quickly extinguishing fires in such high risk environments.

In addition to such more specialised fire suppression systems you can also find a wide range of conventional fire alarm systems available today. Not always would putting in a sophisticated fire alarm system require major work within your premises. Modern fire alarms work wirelessly which means that they can easily be added to any type of commercial structure. A wireless fire alarm or radio fire alarm can be a good option if you are looking to increase the fire safety for your business.

Don’t make an error in judgement to underestimate the risk for fires. There are often hidden hazards such as warehouses that can be at a high risk for a lithium battery fire, just to give one example.

If you happen to live in or near Devon I recommend that you check out fire alarms Devon to learn more about modern fire protection suppression systems such as the Ansul fire suppression system. There you can also learn what radio fire alarm can be suitable for your business.


How Web Design Can Influence Your Conversion Rates

Your conversion rate is probably the most important metric for your online business. Better conversions means more sales, as simple as that.

Good web design is one of the major reasons why your website may or may not convert. Over at the Entrepreneur I found a very helpful article about web design and conversion which I think you should take a look at.

It contains all the pointers that can help you design a website that will convert your visitors to customers. Check the article out, it is very helpful.

About The Singing Waiters

We had a corporate summer party going on last week. Certainly one advantage of working for a successful web design company: There is always a party going on, or at least more than I am used from other companies I worked for. Normally I am not really big on such social gatherings but this party was a total blast!

The Singing Waiters UKThis was the first time I had the opportunity to see the singing waiters in action! In case you don’t know it, the singing waiter are pretty famous.

They are what you want to get if you plan a party or wedding with some of the best surprise entertainment you can find today.

Of course, no one of the guests suspected anything.

We didn’t know the boss invited the singing waiters UK. At approx. 6’o’clock, right after dinner, they all of a sudden appeared and started their amazing show.

Here in this video you can get a first idea about how good those guys really are. Since I know that Betty is planning a big reception in spring next year I immediately told her about the singing waiters and also to book them right now before they’re booked out. The sooner you reserve them the better!

The singing waiter’s show last about 90 minutes but you can also get them for the entire day instead of a DJ or band. This is perfect if you plan a reception or party and want to have something more memorable for your guests than some average DJ. I was very impressed at the party and this is the reason that I can highly recommend them. Check out their The Singing Waiters website to learn all about those amazing guys.


Happy Birthday Ebay – Some Interesting Facts

Did you know that ebay is 15 years old? Check out the article over at The Express And Star. But what’s more exciting than realizing that it’s already 15 years since ebay saw the light of the internet is the fact that over 19 million Britons visit the site each and every month.

Better even, it is estimated that more than 2000 Brits already became millionaires with the help of ebay! Check the article and find out more amazing ebay stories such as the story of Mark Radcliffe, Britains first ebay millionaire!